We feel fortunate that God has continued to resource us in our efforts to use our gifts to glorify Him.

Our Foundation

From day one, our goal has been to support churches and ministries worldwide. We firmly believe that local churches, ministries, and organizations everywhere are the hope of the world, and we are humbled to have an opportunity to resource them with media that declares the gospel of Jesus Christ and highlights the Truth found in the Bible.

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In the Beginning

Igniter Media was an idea that began with our president, Rob Thomas, back in 2001. It was then that Rob saw potential in himself to create short films that could make an impact during Sunday morning gatherings.

From there, the first Igniter video, Are You Amazed?, was completed by Rob in 2002. Rob released the video to some local Dallas churches and received some positive feedback, which encouraged him to create more videos. September 2003 marks the official launch of our company coinciding with the release of Igniter Videos, Volume 01. This debut DVD contained Are You Amazed? and our most popular video ever, That's My King!. This volume of videos was released under our original company name, Vertical Sky Productions.

In 2004, we changed our business name from Vertical Sky to the current, more familiar Igniter Media.

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Next Steps

As we released several more volumes, including videos like, meChurch, and Sunday's Comin' , our production team began to grow. What started out as one person's vision has turned into a strong creative team dedicated to continuing to create media that declares Truth.

As we've grown, we also have seen a need to create other types of media for churches and ministry organizations.

In July 2005, we began adding countdowns, looping backgrounds, and still images to our church media catalog. And in 2011, we started creating title graphics for church services.

We've also tried to put some customization ability in the hands of our users by offering After Effects project files and Photoshop templates. So now churches everywhere can take some of our graphics and write their own message, insert their own logo, etc.

Moving Forward

This September we celebrated our tenth year of creating media products for the Church. We feel fortunate that God has continued to resource us in our efforts to use our gifts to glorify Him. We remain as committed as ever to telling stories that inspire others in the pursuit of Christ. And just as the media needs of the Church have changed over time, we hope to continue our evolution as a company to help meet them. If you'd like to see our first 10 years in more detail, check out the Igniter Timeline.


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